Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 8

  • P4g_boxart_USADifficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 62 hours
  • Level 35

Due to the investigation being stalled at present there’s not much for me to do except continue to build Social Links or grind the dungeons.  I took this opportunity to go back to Yukiko’s and Kanji’s dungeons to defeat the Contrarian King and Intolerant Officer – having previously re-cleared the dungeons up to the boss rooms these were fairly quick and easy kills at Level 33.

In addition to returning to these dungeons I took the opportunity to grind the Marukuyu Striptease dungeon in search of Silver Dice as I’d previously sold the quest material drops before turning them in – DOH!  Several lucky Treasure Hand spawns gifted me with a significant XP Boost during this process so I managed to come out at Level 35 by the time I’d got to floor 6.

A while ago I picked up The Cleaning Clubs Passion quest which required me to get the Janitor’s outfit – unfortunately they store in Okina city won’t sell you this until you take the hospital janitors job and in order to take that you need to boost your Diligence to level 3 or greater.  I was at level 2 when I decided to take this job so spent a couple of nights folding envelopes to gain that extra level – I’ve just completed my first night so am planning on heading to Okina to grab the outfit.

Summer break is coming up in the game so I’m expecting the story to progress more once I get there.


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