Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 10

  • P4g_boxart_USADifficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 104.5 hours
  • Level 57
  • 10 Achievements Earned
    • Game Over
    • Boarded-Up Lab
    • Special Fusion Expert
    • Persona Shopper
    • Going Nova
    • Movie Buff
    • A Special Lady (Chie)
    • A True Bond
    • Head of the Class
    • It’s Working Today

I’ve not posted a playlog for a little while as I’ve been on holiday and internet connection has been poor so I’ve saved my updates for this one post…

I’ve been continuing my playthrough of Persona 4 and have made substantial progress in the game amassing over 40 hours of play during my time away so here’s a bit of a breakdown:

  • 28 – 29 July – Continued grinding levels and social links – nothing special
  • 30 July – Achieved the Persona Shopper and Special Fusion Expert trophies for fusing my first Persona using 4+ Personas
  • 31 July – Cleared the Void Quest Dungeon and got the Game Over trophy – some words of wisdom:
    • Steel Machines = wankers
    • Almighty Hands = also wankers
    • It’s worthwhile trying to level Social Link of your preferred team members to 7 prior to entering this dungeon so they gain the Survive Mortal Blow ability as both these mobs can pretty much single hit any party member if they feel like it
  • 01 Aug – Achieved the Movie Buff trophy
  • 02 Aug – Opened the Secret Lab dungeon and achieved the Going Nova trophy
  • 03 Aug – Cleared the Secret Lab dungeon (at Level 52) and got the Boarded-Up Lab trophy
    • This was the easiest of the dungeons cleared so far – total time estimated 4 – 8 hours
  • 04 Aug – Achieved the Special Lady trophy for starting a relationship with Chie
    • This was the first female Social Link I’d got to this stage but I’d have gone for Chie anyway as Rise is too forward and Yukiko is too obvious a choice
  • 05 Aug – Gained A True Bond Trophy (finally maxing out the Chie Social Link) and the Head of the Class trophy (coming first in the test – I thought I’d ballsed this up as I got one question wrong but that didn’t seem to matter)
  • 06 AugIt’s Working Today trophy
    • How can I get so far through the game without having tried one of the Capsule machines on a rainy day *facepalm*
  • 07 Aug – Only got an hour in this evening but am currently on floor 4 in the Heaven dungeon

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