Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 11

  • P4g_boxart_USADifficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 107.5 hours
  • Level 59

Continued progress through Heaven dungeon and encountered World Balance boss on Floor 7 (Level 57 main) – proved not to be too much of a challenge – no elemental weaknesses to take advantage of so mostly damaged with Physical attacks.  Caution is advised as this boss has the ability to one shot part members (400+ damage) with certain abilities.

Made it to Floor 10 and had a quick pop at the end of dungeon boss – taken down to 1/3 of his health then one-shotted the entire party :S  – thankfully I always Goho-M and save before attempting a boss so it was a simple matter to reload my game.  Took this as a sign I should drop my collected mats into the Blacksmith in town in order to purchase some new gear.  Grabbed some new armour (Oracle Gown for Yosuke) but not upgraded my weapons as I’m appreciating the abilities of some of them more than the straight damage increase (Yosuke’s Grilled Corn weapon which has a medium chance to inflict Silence being one).

Had another go at the boss with the new gear and a change round on some Accessories but got the same result (after a couple of phase changes) so decided to level a bit further before another attempt.  Started grinding from the bottom floor again and now at floor 4 once more.


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