The Surge (PS4) – Playlog 8


  • Difficulty – Normal
  • Current Playtime – 36 hrs 45 mins
  • Finished
  • 3 Achievements –
    • Liberation
    • Evolution Theory
    • For the Good of Mankind

17th October (2 hrs 15 mins) –

Gathered the last of the collectables and opened the way to the final boss.

18th October (30 mins) –

I was expecting more from the final boss of the game but it only took about 4 or 5 attempts to drop him.  It started off as your typical giant spider type boss and then transitions to a final phase which is basically just a replica of the Black Cerberus boss which went down fairly quickly.  After I dropped the boss I decided to head through the first level again and took down PAX again with it’s own weapon to get the Was that Yours? achievement.

The Surge wasn’t particularly difficult but it was a decent souls-like game and the limb targeting mechanic added something new to it.


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