Lords of the Fallen (PS4) – Playlog 2


  • Difficulty – Normal
  • Current Playtime – 12 hrs 30 mins
  • 3 Achievements –
    • Seal the gate
    • Strong with this one
    • He who protects us
    • Anger is a gift
    • Extra strong

The next boss I faced off against is The Infiltrator, this is a spider-like boss who is pretty much the easiest boss I’ve faced off against.  He has a 3 hit combo, regeneration ability and sting attack at lower health but there’s no real tactics required here.  Get right in and circle to the right with your shield up to avoid/block most of the 3 hit combo then lay into him with a few attacks.  Repeat this until he starts throwing out little flesh sacs then tries to regenerate – pummel him or destroy the flesh sacs to prevent healing then go back to the same tactic.  Once he gets low health he’ll start to use his sting attack if you’re stood in front of him so continue to circle and attack – repeat until dead.

On the opposite end of the scale is The Beast who has been the trickiest boss to take down so far.  It didn’t take a long time to get the tactics down (hit him in the heels until he falls forward then bash him in the face a few times – repeat as needed) but getting the timing to get in close was the tricky part.  Once you’ve got that down give him a few hits, back out to avoid his stomp attack then back in get a few more hits in.


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