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Holiday Purchases


One of the benefits to holidaying in the UK (and always going to the same place) is that I get to do day trips to the local towns and check out a bunch of different shops that I don’t normally have access to.  Most of the time this consists of following my wife around craft shops whilst trying to keep my daughter entertained and preventing her from picking up anything expensive and breakable (my daughter not my wife).

Luckily there is a trade-off to this and they understand that as we walk around town I will disappear into every charity shop I see and make a bee-line for their DVD section to rummage around for games I don’t currently own.  Sometimes this can be highly productive (for example last year I picked up Resident Evil Survivors (PS1), Maximo vs. Army of Zin (PS2), Just Cause (PS2), Prince of Persia Sands of Time, The Two Thrones, and Warrior Within (PS2) for less than a tenner #win!

Unfortunately this year wasn’t quite so productive (although we were only away for a week and I didn’t get to check out the local car boot sale) but I still managed to pick up a couple of games for the collection – Mission: Impossible (PS1) for £2 and Die Hard Vendetta (XBO) for £1.  In addition to this I finally relented and picked up the NES Classics Playing with Power hardcover book in the NES Cartridge style slip case for £10 from The Works (rather than the £24.99 rrp).  I’ve seen this book around a few times at a similar price point (TK Maxxx and The Works near where I live also I think) and have played with the idea of picking it up but never did.  I had a look through the book when we got back to our accommodation and it’s beautifully presented and contains loads of information on the specific games it covers but very little on the system itself unfortunately.  The big disappointment for me with the book was that the paper used for the internal pages was of a quite flimsy stock which gives the whole book a feeling of fragility when looking through it.  Aside from this minor gripe I like the book and it makes a nice companion piece for the Nintendo Classic Mini and I’m sure I’ll refer to it often when I get round to opening mine.



The difficult first post…

So… here it is – yet another video game journal…

I’m starting this to document the games I play, how I play them and what I think of them.  If a games great I’ll say so, if it sucks ass – likewise but hopefully I won’t have too many of the latter and plenty of the former.

This journal is starting part way through the year and, also, part way through some gameplays so this will be a bit of a retrospective.  So far my 2017 game completion is progressing steadily; I’ve got a bit of a backlog to get through which I’ve started maintaining through the Completionator website – my profile can be found here.

Following is a bit of a roundup of my 2017 completions so far:

  1. January 2017 – Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4) – Platinum
  2. January 2017 – Darksiders Warmastered Edition (PS4) – Platinum
  3. January 2017 – Resident Evil (PS4) – From Origins Collection
  4. January 2017 – Resident Evil 0 (PS4) – From Origins Collection
  5. February 2017 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4)
  6. February 2017 – Bioshock (PS4)
  7. March 2017 – Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – Platinum
  8. April 2017 – Nioh (PS4)
  9. May 2017 – Watch Dogs (PS4)
  10. June 2017 – Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
  11. June 2017 – Cursed Castilla EX (PS4)
  12. June 2017 – God of War 2 (PS3) – From HD Collection
  13. July 2017 – Devil May Cry (PS3) – From HD Collection