Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 1


  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 1.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Meka Dragon Trophy
    • Mummy Dragon Trophy

Whilst I’m still playing Persona 4 Golden and should still be playing that exclusively I couldn’t resist breaking the seal on my copy of Wonder Boy which arrived from Play Asia today.  The last Wonder Boy game I played was Wonder Boy in Monster Land on the Sega Master System and whilst I do have the original Dragon’s Trap on my SMS it’s been languishing in my backlog for a while now…

img_9804When I booted the game up I was glad to see that Wonder Boy presents you with three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard) and was even happier to see that there’s a separate achievement for completing the game on the hardest difficulty.  I like to play my games on the most difficult setting where possible as I get the most out of the challenge and figure that every game has a learning curve so you may as well go for a steep one!  The visuals are gorgeous, the music is brilliant and the gameplay (on Hard) is brutally difficult (until you start to learn where the enemies are and you pick up that first extra heart to help you on your way).  Instead of just ramping enemy health up and adding larger volumes of higher difficulty enemies hard mode introduces a feature where your health degrades over time forcing you to rush through areas.  Rather than taking your time and learning the enemies patterns you need to race against time to find that next heart drop to replenish your dwindling life bar or locate the next nurses station to top yourself off.

So far the only let down has been the two bosses I’ve successfully vanquished who in typical platform style have the same weakpoint – the head.  Both Meka Dragon (who you face fully buffed as a sort of prologue before losing all your powers and gear) and Mummy Dragon have fairly predictable patterns which don’t take long to work out.  As such I managed to kill both on my first attempt – although this was a close thing with the Mummy Dragon as I ended up getting juggled against the side of the screen by his hitbox and breath weapon attack on a couple of occassions.

Despite this little niggle so far I’m happy with this slice of retro goodness – more to follow!

Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 11

  • Difficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 107.5 hours
  • Level 59

Continued progress through Heaven dungeon and encountered World Balance boss on Floor 7 (Level 57 main) – proved not to be too much of a challenge – no elemental weaknesses to take advantage of so mostly damaged with Physical attacks.  Caution is advised as this boss has the ability to one shot part members (400+ damage) with certain abilities.

Made it to Floor 10 and had a quick pop at the end of dungeon boss – taken down to 1/3 of his health then one-shotted the entire party :S  – thankfully I always Goho-M and save before attempting a boss so it was a simple matter to reload my game.  Took this as a sign I should drop my collected mats into the Blacksmith in town in order to purchase some new gear.  Grabbed some new armour (Oracle Gown for Yosuke) but not upgraded my weapons as I’m appreciating the abilities of some of them more than the straight damage increase (Yosuke’s Grilled Corn weapon which has a medium chance to inflict Silence being one).

Had another go at the boss with the new gear and a change round on some Accessories but got the same result (after a couple of phase changes) so decided to level a bit further before another attempt.  Started grinding from the bottom floor again and now at floor 4 once more.

Holiday Purchases


One of the benefits to holidaying in the UK (and always going to the same place) is that I get to do day trips to the local towns and check out a bunch of different shops that I don’t normally have access to.  Most of the time this consists of following my wife around craft shops whilst trying to keep my daughter entertained and preventing her from picking up anything expensive and breakable (my daughter not my wife).

Luckily there is a trade-off to this and they understand that as we walk around town I will disappear into every charity shop I see and make a bee-line for their DVD section to rummage around for games I don’t currently own.  Sometimes this can be highly productive (for example last year I picked up Resident Evil Survivors (PS1), Maximo vs. Army of Zin (PS2), Just Cause (PS2), Prince of Persia Sands of Time, The Two Thrones, and Warrior Within (PS2) for less than a tenner #win!

Unfortunately this year wasn’t quite so productive (although we were only away for a week and I didn’t get to check out the local car boot sale) but I still managed to pick up a couple of games for the collection – Mission: Impossible (PS1) for £2 and Die Hard Vendetta (XBO) for £1.  In addition to this I finally relented and picked up the NES Classics Playing with Power hardcover book in the NES Cartridge style slip case for £10 from The Works (rather than the £24.99 rrp).  I’ve seen this book around a few times at a similar price point (TK Maxxx and The Works near where I live also I think) and have played with the idea of picking it up but never did.  I had a look through the book when we got back to our accommodation and it’s beautifully presented and contains loads of information on the specific games it covers but very little on the system itself unfortunately.  The big disappointment for me with the book was that the paper used for the internal pages was of a quite flimsy stock which gives the whole book a feeling of fragility when looking through it.  Aside from this minor gripe I like the book and it makes a nice companion piece for the Nintendo Classic Mini and I’m sure I’ll refer to it often when I get round to opening mine.



Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 10

  • Difficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 104.5 hours
  • Level 57
  • 10 Achievements Earned
    • Game Over
    • Boarded-Up Lab
    • Special Fusion Expert
    • Persona Shopper
    • Going Nova
    • Movie Buff
    • A Special Lady (Chie)
    • A True Bond
    • Head of the Class
    • It’s Working Today

I’ve not posted a playlog for a little while as I’ve been on holiday and internet connection has been poor so I’ve saved my updates for this one post…

I’ve been continuing my playthrough of Persona 4 and have made substantial progress in the game amassing over 40 hours of play during my time away so here’s a bit of a breakdown:

  • 28 – 29 July – Continued grinding levels and social links – nothing special
  • 30 July – Achieved the Persona Shopper and Special Fusion Expert trophies for fusing my first Persona using 4+ Personas
  • 31 July – Cleared the Void Quest Dungeon and got the Game Over trophy – some words of wisdom:
    • Steel Machines = wankers
    • Almighty Hands = also wankers
    • It’s worthwhile trying to level Social Link of your preferred team members to 7 prior to entering this dungeon so they gain the Survive Mortal Blow ability as both these mobs can pretty much single hit any party member if they feel like it
  • 01 Aug – Achieved the Movie Buff trophy
  • 02 Aug – Opened the Secret Lab dungeon and achieved the Going Nova trophy
  • 03 Aug – Cleared the Secret Lab dungeon (at Level 52) and got the Boarded-Up Lab trophy
    • This was the easiest of the dungeons cleared so far – total time estimated 4 – 8 hours
  • 04 Aug – Achieved the Special Lady trophy for starting a relationship with Chie
    • This was the first female Social Link I’d got to this stage but I’d have gone for Chie anyway as Rise is too forward and Yukiko is too obvious a choice
  • 05 Aug – Gained A True Bond Trophy (finally maxing out the Chie Social Link) and the Head of the Class trophy (coming first in the test – I thought I’d ballsed this up as I got one question wrong but that didn’t seem to matter)
  • 06 AugIt’s Working Today trophy
    • How can I get so far through the game without having tried one of the Capsule machines on a rainy day *facepalm*
  • 07 Aug – Only got an hour in this evening but am currently on floor 4 in the Heaven dungeon

Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 9

  • Difficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 63 hours
  • Level 35

Picked up the Janitors Outfit for The Cleaning Clubs Passion quest and continued to work on some of the Social links whilst unable to further investigate.

Improved core Social Links and unlocked The Lovers and The Devil Social Links through Rise and my job as a janitor at the hospital respectively.  In addition to this I picked up the current book releases and got the job folding Origami cranes to boost my Understanding – I need this to complete the Shy Girl Ema Quest from the Fox.

Summer break has arrived along with a challenge from the suspect to catch him in the TV World so am currently trying to pull together some information on him to allow me to attempt the next dungeon 😀

Persona 4 Golden (Vita) – Playlog 8


  • Difficulty – Very Hard
  • Current Playtime – 62 hours
  • Level 35

Due to the investigation being stalled at present there’s not much for me to do except continue to build Social Links or grind the dungeons.  I took this opportunity to go back to Yukiko’s and Kanji’s dungeons to defeat the Contrarian King and Intolerant Officer – having previously re-cleared the dungeons up to the boss rooms these were fairly quick and easy kills at Level 33.

In addition to returning to these dungeons I took the opportunity to grind the Marukuyu Striptease dungeon in search of Silver Dice as I’d previously sold the quest material drops before turning them in – DOH!  Several lucky Treasure Hand spawns gifted me with a significant XP Boost during this process so I managed to come out at Level 35 by the time I’d got to floor 6.

A while ago I picked up The Cleaning Clubs Passion quest which required me to get the Janitor’s outfit – unfortunately they store in Okina city won’t sell you this until you take the hospital janitors job and in order to take that you need to boost your Diligence to level 3 or greater.  I was at level 2 when I decided to take this job so spent a couple of nights folding envelopes to gain that extra level – I’ve just completed my first night so am planning on heading to Okina to grab the outfit.

Summer break is coming up in the game so I’m expecting the story to progress more once I get there.