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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 7

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 12.25 hours – Completed
  • Achievements earned –
    • Vampire Dragon Trophy
    • Hard Earned Trophy
    • Hu-Man Stone

Back to Vampire Dragon and after remembering I could fly it seemed to make the fight a little bit easier – whereas I was jumping to attack the head and taking damage as he juggled me across the screen (depleting around a third of my health with a full 8 heart life-bar) on previous attempts this time around I flew above him using Down and Attack to hit his head as I descended.  This seems to be the best method for me but I still took some damage (mostly through poor timing) and had to use the Hades Armour to top up my health again and still finished this with only 3/4 of a heart left.

After vanquishing Vampire Dragon you unlock Hu-Man form and a secret door leading to the Charm Stone area appears in the village.  The area isn’t massively difficult (although I frequently found myself losing half my life bar on the first section) and the mobs aren’t that tough although there’s a trick to getting the last Charm Stone but I don’t want to spoil that ;P

The difficult first post…

So… here it is – yet another video game journal…

I’m starting this to document the games I play, how I play them and what I think of them.  If a games great I’ll say so, if it sucks ass – likewise but hopefully I won’t have too many of the latter and plenty of the former.

This journal is starting part way through the year and, also, part way through some gameplays so this will be a bit of a retrospective.  So far my 2017 game completion is progressing steadily; I’ve got a bit of a backlog to get through which I’ve started maintaining through the Completionator website – my profile can be found here.

Following is a bit of a roundup of my 2017 completions so far:

  1. January 2017 – Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4) – Platinum
  2. January 2017 – Darksiders Warmastered Edition (PS4) – Platinum
  3. January 2017 – Resident Evil (PS4) – From Origins Collection
  4. January 2017 – Resident Evil 0 (PS4) – From Origins Collection
  5. February 2017 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4)
  6. February 2017 – Bioshock (PS4)
  7. March 2017 – Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – Platinum
  8. April 2017 – Nioh (PS4)
  9. May 2017 – Watch Dogs (PS4)
  10. June 2017 – Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
  11. June 2017 – Cursed Castilla EX (PS4)
  12. June 2017 – God of War 2 (PS3) – From HD Collection
  13. July 2017 – Devil May Cry (PS3) – From HD Collection