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Purchases this week


It’s been a very lucky week for me… I managed to pick up a near mint condition NES Mini Classic from one of my neighbours for retail (£50) and after over a year of looking I finally managed to get my hands on not one but TWO copies of the Blood and Wine Limited Edition Expansion with physical Gwent Decks!

Getting the NES Mini Classic now means I can keep mine in it’s box and play some of my favourite classics on this one – handy as we’re currently living with family whilst we’re in the process of buying a new house and my collection is in storage.

I didn’t get Witcher 3 until quite a while after it came out – it was a birthday present from my work colleagues – and as such the Hearts of Stone expansion had already been released and I had no intentions of buying it as I was happy to play the core game.  One day I was checking Hot UK Deals and Game were selling the limited Edition Expansion with physical Gwent Decks for £15 so I bought it (being a sucker for a bit of tat).  This is the only reason I decided to pick up the Limited Edition Blood and Wine Expansion when it came out but this wasn’t to be the case as it was never in stock by Game only by sellers on their market place and at vastly inflated prices 😦  Every so often whenever I was in town (not very often) I would check if it was in stock and walk away disappointed – except for today.  I hadn’t planned to look for it but simply stopped off in town to pick up some lunch for myself and the wife and as a spur of the moment decided to walk a couple of minutes out of my way to check Game for any possibly bargains.  Not much was available (although I’m still toying with Torment: Tides of Numenera as it’s only £7.99 at the moment) and I spotted two Blood and Wine boxes on the shelf – I grabbed them both and took them to the till (half expecting to be told there wasn’t any stock) but there was so I bought them.  The outer slip cases are a little battered and there’s no plastic wrapping around them outer but the contents are still sealed and in pristine condition so I’m happy.

Holiday Purchases


One of the benefits to holidaying in the UK (and always going to the same place) is that I get to do day trips to the local towns and check out a bunch of different shops that I don’t normally have access to.  Most of the time this consists of following my wife around craft shops whilst trying to keep my daughter entertained and preventing her from picking up anything expensive and breakable (my daughter not my wife).

Luckily there is a trade-off to this and they understand that as we walk around town I will disappear into every charity shop I see and make a bee-line for their DVD section to rummage around for games I don’t currently own.  Sometimes this can be highly productive (for example last year I picked up Resident Evil Survivors (PS1), Maximo vs. Army of Zin (PS2), Just Cause (PS2), Prince of Persia Sands of Time, The Two Thrones, and Warrior Within (PS2) for less than a tenner #win!

Unfortunately this year wasn’t quite so productive (although we were only away for a week and I didn’t get to check out the local car boot sale) but I still managed to pick up a couple of games for the collection – Mission: Impossible (PS1) for £2 and Die Hard Vendetta (XBO) for £1.  In addition to this I finally relented and picked up the NES Classics Playing with Power hardcover book in the NES Cartridge style slip case for £10 from The Works (rather than the £24.99 rrp).  I’ve seen this book around a few times at a similar price point (TK Maxxx and The Works near where I live also I think) and have played with the idea of picking it up but never did.  I had a look through the book when we got back to our accommodation and it’s beautifully presented and contains loads of information on the specific games it covers but very little on the system itself unfortunately.  The big disappointment for me with the book was that the paper used for the internal pages was of a quite flimsy stock which gives the whole book a feeling of fragility when looking through it.  Aside from this minor gripe I like the book and it makes a nice companion piece for the Nintendo Classic Mini and I’m sure I’ll refer to it often when I get round to opening mine.