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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 7

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 12.25 hours – Completed
  • Achievements earned –
    • Vampire Dragon Trophy
    • Hard Earned Trophy
    • Hu-Man Stone

Back to Vampire Dragon and after remembering I could fly it seemed to make the fight a little bit easier – whereas I was jumping to attack the head and taking damage as he juggled me across the screen (depleting around a third of my health with a full 8 heart life-bar) on previous attempts this time around I flew above him using Down and Attack to hit his head as I descended.  This seems to be the best method for me but I still took some damage (mostly through poor timing) and had to use the Hades Armour to top up my health again and still finished this with only 3/4 of a heart left.

After vanquishing Vampire Dragon you unlock Hu-Man form and a secret door leading to the Charm Stone area appears in the village.  The area isn’t massively difficult (although I frequently found myself losing half my life bar on the first section) and the mobs aren’t that tough although there’s a trick to getting the last Charm Stone but I don’t want to spoil that ;P

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 6

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 11 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Mouse-Man Stone

After spending ages trying to get the Mouse-Man Charm Stone last night I came back tonight and got it within 15-20 minutes – proof of what a good rest can do for you.

With all available Charm Stones collected it was time to collect my reward – The Gallic Sword – with a cost of only around 2000 coins the sword is (financially speaking) pretty cheap.  When you factor into it the pain in the ass of dying to the same mob or falling off the same platform 50 times in a row (especially as Mouse-Man) you need to ask yourself – is it worth it???  The answer is… Maybe.  If you have the Legendary Sword already there’s not a huge reason to pick it up for it’s damage output alone (although it does slightly outperform the Legendary Sword) – the reason to pick it up is that it also increases the drop rate of magic items (fireballs, cyclones, lightning bolts, etc) which can be pretty handy for the final stages of the Sky Castle dungeon.

With nothing left to collect – YET – I headed into the Sky Castle towards my final battle with the Vampire Dragon.  This boss is probably the most difficult of the dragon bosses due to his randomness – he flies up, down, left and right across the screen spitting fireballs as he goes and the trick is to hit him either in either of his heads – the normal one of the one in his belly.  After a few attempts I got him to 65% and then remembered I was actually Hawk-Man and could fly… this might make things easier tomorrow.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 5

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 9.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Lion-Man Stone
    • Piranha-Man Stone
    • Hawk-Man Stone

I decided to concentrate on continuing to collect the Charm Stones from the various secret areas scattered around.  Lion-Man’s was the next one to get in the previously mentioned secret area then after that it became a bit more tricky to locate the secret areas.

Wracking my brains I tried to remember whether there may be areas in the various dungeons that I hadn’t been able to access earlier and so decided to return to Mouse-Man’s zone as that was the next area after the Desert (which I was pretty sure didn’t contain a secret area).  After clearing the entire dungeon again with not even the sniff of a secret area I decided to consult the internet (i.e. cheat… a little).

Turns out there’s another secret area in The Beach containing Piranha-Man’s stone (this was pretty straightforward) and there’s one hidden to the far right of the The Valley (Volcano level) which you can only access with Hawk-Man – guess who’s stone this is? (Again this is pretty straightforward).

The remaining Charm Stone for the animal persona’s is located in The Underground on the way to Daimyo Castle and can only be accessed if you are Mouse-Man when you enter.  This has proven to be the most frustrating of the secret areas as it relies on precision jumping and use of Mouse-Man’s abilities to stick to certain walls and ceilings – if you fall off a block you drop down to the screen below and have to go through again.  On the plus side the mobs don’t dish out much damage (with the Prince’s Armour) and you can easily gain enough hearts to keep retrying until you do complete it… which I will do tomorrow

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 4


  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 7.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Daimyo Dragon Trophy
    • Lizard-Man Stone


As predicted Daimyo Dragon went down pretty easily this evening – I even had the Hades Armour and a couple of Health Potions in reserve but there wasn’t much need for them.  Stay near near and jump attack his head when he starts his lightning attack, his physical reprisals were either pretty weak or have a bad hitbox as I’m sure I ate a few but with no noticeable effects.

Killing Daimyo unlocks Hawk-Man form and after returning to town I decided to do a little exploring and ended up back at Meka Dragons castle from the prologue.  There’s no boss here but returning to his room allows you to collect the Legendary Sword and a yellow Cyclops mob drops the Legendary Armour as you escape.  After this I had a few runs at the Sky Castle and after getting close to the boss eventually opted for exploring to try to find the hidden Charm Stones.  I found Lizard-Man’s stone under water in the desert – you’ll need Lion-Man to access the door but you transform into Lizard-Man once you’re in there and I was pursuing another one in the Beach area.  Again you’ll need Lion-Man to access this and it’s particularly well hidden if you’re playing with the hi-res graphics enabled however with the 8 bit graphics you’ll notice the different block types fairly easily.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 3

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 5.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Captain Dragon Trophy

Having gained enough coins to feed a small army I headed to the hidden tower shop in town (only accessible as Mouse Man) and dropped 2980 coins on the Crystal Sword for the sweet +150 Damage bonus as Piranha Man.  This weapon makes the Shipwreck and it’s final boss, Captain Dragon, an absolute breeze.

Like all the games bosses Captain Dragon’s weakpoint is his head, he jumps around the screen occasionally firing a bouncing trail of hooks.  You can try to position yourself so that the trail bounces over your head but these can be blocked so it’s generally better to position yourself where the hooks will land after their first bounce and let your shield eat it.  If, like me, you’ve picked up the Crystal Sword you’ll be dishing out circa 20 points of damage with each hit so you’ll only need 5-6 hits to kill him… Easy!

After Captain Dragon bites the dust you gain Lion Man form and the ability to break blocks in the floor.  This leads to The Underground area and then eventually to Daimyo Temple and the Daimyo Dragon.  In keeping with the eastern theme of the area this boss is a Samurai who tries to hit you with his sword and also blasts out lightning attacks – I only had one attempt and got him to 4% on that so I don’t foresee him causing too many problems.  When he prepares to fire his lightning attacks you can jump and hit him in the face but this generally seemed to lead to taking a hit myself.  If he does use his lightning attack this creates approximately 4 orbs which I’m pretty sure you can position yourself to avoid but this requires some more trial and error.

When fighting through to Daimyo Dragon you can collect the Hades Armour, this acts like a Potion and will fully revive you once.  I tend to keep the Princes Armour equipped for the heart drops and then switch to Hades Armour just before the boss or when health is running low.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 2

  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 3.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Zombie Dragon Trophy

Continuing on with my playthrough of Wonder Boy I continued to struggle to reach the Zombie Dragon boss using Mouse Man until I’d managed to grind enough coins to pick up the Prince’s Armour.  The game indicates that this item has a special effect but doesn’t tell you what it is and after purchasing it I found there was a significantly increased drop rate on hearts which made the run to the Zombie Dragon slightly easier.

Zombie Dragon boss is a pretty unimaginative fight, he goes underground and moves left to right so you need to jump over him to avoid damage.  When he surfaces jump and hit him in the head – rinse and repeat until dead.  Unlike the previous two fights this actually took me a couple of attempts to finish (first attempt he was at 9% though!) – if you jump too far when attacking you take damage from contact with his hitbox.  Alternatively if you don’t jump far enough you fail to make contact – doing this means he will unleash his breath weapon which can punish you.  On my second attempt I got juggled into the corner with the breath weapon and lost about half my remaining health which really sucked.  On subsequent attempts I noticed that after the initial animation of the breath weapon the attack actually arcs so you can stand safely under the arc and move with the Zombie Dragon to prevent taking further damage.

After taking down the Zombie Dragon I had a couple of Health Potions (fill you to max hearts if you fall to zero health and allow you to continue) so I decided to attempt The Canyon.  This area sucks balls – there’s loads of high health mobs, projectile throwing/spitting mobs AND lava to boot.  It took 4 hearts + a Health Potion to make it halfway (ignoring and avoiding most mobs) where I was able to buy the Dragon Armour which negates lava damage.  After equipping this I continued on until I reached the end of The Canyon and got the Thunder Stone which allows Wonder Boy to break stone blocks.  The next step was to fully explore the underwater section of The Beach where I found The Shipwreck level which I’m guessing is where my next Dragon boss is waiting…

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – Playlog 1


  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Current Playtime – 1.5 hours
  • Achievements earned –
    • Meka Dragon Trophy
    • Mummy Dragon Trophy

Whilst I’m still playing Persona 4 Golden and should still be playing that exclusively I couldn’t resist breaking the seal on my copy of Wonder Boy which arrived from Play Asia today.  The last Wonder Boy game I played was Wonder Boy in Monster Land on the Sega Master System and whilst I do have the original Dragon’s Trap on my SMS it’s been languishing in my backlog for a while now…

img_9804When I booted the game up I was glad to see that Wonder Boy presents you with three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard) and was even happier to see that there’s a separate achievement for completing the game on the hardest difficulty.  I like to play my games on the most difficult setting where possible as I get the most out of the challenge and figure that every game has a learning curve so you may as well go for a steep one!  The visuals are gorgeous, the music is brilliant and the gameplay (on Hard) is brutally difficult (until you start to learn where the enemies are and you pick up that first extra heart to help you on your way).  Instead of just ramping enemy health up and adding larger volumes of higher difficulty enemies hard mode introduces a feature where your health degrades over time forcing you to rush through areas.  Rather than taking your time and learning the enemies patterns you need to race against time to find that next heart drop to replenish your dwindling life bar or locate the next nurses station to top yourself off.

So far the only let down has been the two bosses I’ve successfully vanquished who in typical platform style have the same weakpoint – the head.  Both Meka Dragon (who you face fully buffed as a sort of prologue before losing all your powers and gear) and Mummy Dragon have fairly predictable patterns which don’t take long to work out.  As such I managed to kill both on my first attempt – although this was a close thing with the Mummy Dragon as I ended up getting juggled against the side of the screen by his hitbox and breath weapon attack on a couple of occassions.

Despite this little niggle so far I’m happy with this slice of retro goodness – more to follow!